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Why are the sizes of 3-bedroom condo units getting smaller over the years?

3-bedroom private apartments are often targeted at upgraders, and it is usually a trade-off between the price and the willingness to sacrifice on size. Their ability to afford one is dependent on the resale price of their existing HDB flat.

Developers have been aggressively bidding for land to reinvest their capital; the rising price of land and construction costs worked their way into the final product offering. What gives is thus the size variable.

Some new launch units for 3-bedders can be as small as 893 sq ft, is the space sufficient for a family of 4?

Size is relative because if the desire to live on private property is strong enough, families will make adjustments to their living conditions.

What do you think is the minimum size for a 3-bedroom condo unit below which it should not fall? And is that the minimum acceptable size, in your view?

900 sq ft would be the lower bound. But it will fall. As income rises and more couples decide to have one or no children, or when more retirees downgrade, future apartment sizes will have to meet the market where it is.

How small do you think 3-bedroom condo units could be in the future?

Probably 850 sqft. Below which, there will probably be pushback from the market. Unlike Hong Kong, people here are psychologically used to a certain size for a traditionally laid-out apartment.

So are 3BR units the most ideal size for Singaporeans in terms of space utilisation, or would 2BR suffice?

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