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New Sale vs Resale, Freehold vs Leasehold – An Analysis of Past Trends

There has been much debate on the premium a new sale private residential property has over a resale property. Aside, many questions have been asked about the discount a 99-year leasehold has over a comparable freehold or 999-year leasehold project. In this simple analysis, we will flash out charts that look at these trends for non-landed private residential properties.

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Heightened economic uncertainties, a weaker labour market and deteriorating business sentiment continue to exert pressure on the leasing market. We are forecasting a general rental decline of about 5%. Two reasons account for this. One is the 17,000 new completions in 2023 with another 9,900 units expected next year.



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2023 Non-Landed Residential Rental Could Rise By 10% Year-On Year